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Asia is commonly divided into geographic and cultural sub regions – the Caucasus, Central Asia, East Asia, South Asia, North Asia, Southwest Asia and Southeast Asia. Each region has its own distinct identity and with it, a whole host of different cultures, which makes studying abroad in Asia so unique and dynamic! A growing number of International students, both from within the region and further afield, are choosing to study abroad in Asia. The continent’s economic and population booms have been accompanied by rapid growth in the higher education sector, leading to ever-more attractive options for prospective students.

If you are wanting to study abroad in Asia it is interesting to note that established education powerhouses like Hong Kong and Japan are seeing strong competition from more recently formed university centres - such as Universities found within South Korea, Singapore and China. More top universities in Asia are to be found in Taiwan, Malaysia and India, with further opportunities in Thailand, Pakistan, Indonesia, the Philippines and beyond.


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Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad in Asia

We will explore the benefits of study abroad in Asia and reasons why Study abroad in Asia and studying internationally can boost your career prospects.


There is certainly much to gain from studying abroad in Asia

  1. Being able to Study in one of the emerging global powers is the first reasons to Study Abroad in Asia - Studying in Asia allows you study in a modern and vibrant setting regardless of the Country you decide. Also, with most Universities having state of the art facilities allows you to also experience the growth of the Asian economies.

  2. Making friendships with other students studying abroad is the second major benefits of studying abroad in Asia - The friends you will meet will be your weekend travel companions, study buddies, and will be there for you when you’re feeling homesick. Meeting people who understand you is the key to building long lasting friendships!

  3. Perhaps the biggest lure of Studying Abroad in Asia is that it is vastly different from the West - Regardless of which country you pick, brace yourself for a modest culture shock as Asians often have unique customs that may seem quirky to you. Asia is the world’s largest and most populous continent – this also means that it is extremely diverse.

  4. Language barriers are not usually a problem if you choose to Study Abroad in Asia - English is usually widespread throughout Asia, especially in South East Asia where Tourism is a houge part of the Economy. So while, from time to time, you may experience difficulty communicating, it is likely that you will be able to find an English-speaking local nearby to offer you help if need be

  5. Travelling between countries is one of the main benefits of studying abroad in Asia  - The proximity of Asia’s countries to each other (particularly in Southeast Asia) also translates into cheap and easy travel. If you are looking for someplace exotic, and craving a new, different study experience unlike anything in USA, Asia is the place for you!

  6. Another reason to 'Why Study Abroad in Asia' is that it is Affordable - A common misconceptions about studying abroad in Asia is that it is expensive. What some students do not realise is that it may be possible to study abroad for a semester or for a year - with travel expenses included. What’s more, the cost of living in some Asian countries makes destinations  like China and Thailand great choices for the financially-minded.

  7. Get out of your comfort zone is an additional reason to 'Why Study Abroad in Asia'- People are always telling you to get outside of your comfort zone, right? Studying abroad in Asia takes this principle to a whole new level in the best way possible. Foreign cultures, different languages, intriguing new foods, and exciting destinations will turn your world on its head – and what’s more exciting than that? Now is the time to see the world and open your mind to the wonders of foreign cultures. Challenge yourself – you’ll be better for it in the end.

  8. Learning a New Language is the seventh major benefits of studying abroad in Asia - When you study abroad in Asia, your classes will be taught in English…but what about the time that you spend outside of the classroom? One of the greatest benefits to studying abroad in an Asian country is the full-immersion language experience. Want to learn Mandarin – the most widely spoken language in the world – or brush up on your speaking skills in a native environment? You will have the opportunity to learn with our leading language parter UVA while in Shanghai. Thinking of picking up some Thai? Students at Chiang Mai University take language courses from native speaking instructors as part of their program.

  9. Improving your resume is the eight major benefits of Studying Abroad in Asia - Someday soon, you’re going to have a degree in hand. A degree that says “Congratulations, you’re a college graduate. Now go out and land your dream job. Or any job, really – just please contribute to society.” Some of your peers might balk at this dose of reality. Not you, though. You’re going to be excited and confident as you submit your resume to employers because you spent a semester studying international business at one of China’s top universities. Or you got an insight into ancient Asian holistic health and wellness practices firsthand as part of your summer program in Thailand. Or you interned as a tech analyst in Seoul. Or you perfected your Mandarin during your semester in Shanghai, and you’re the perfect fit for the company’s new China division. You get the picture.

  10. Gaining a Strong Network in Asia is the final reason as to 'Why Study Abroad in Asia'- While studying abroad in Asia, you have the opportunity to make new friends with the locals and fellow international students studying in Asia. This means you will be able to build stronger network  inside and outside of your classroom.

Top Universities in Asia

If you wish to look for the top, check out ‘The Top University Guide’ for Asia. Currently, as it stands, the top 2 Universities in Asia are: 'Nanyang Technological University (NTU) ‘ and 'National University of Singapore (NUS)’ .

But, overall within the top 10, Hong Kong is the most represented country with four universities featured. 

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