Study Abroad Tips - What are Clubs like in Gangnam when studying Abroad in Korea?

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Why study abroad in Korea? Studying abroad is much more than having an international education! Learn about reasons why study abroad in Korea is right for you. Here at 'Go studying Abroad' we will explore what it is like to party in Korea by providing you with hints, tips and advise to allow you to make the most out of your international exchange programme in Korea.

Gangnam Background:

Gangnam is regarded as the most affluent district in Seoul (the capital) and therefore home to the most luxurious clubs, shops, bars and apartments.

Gangnam has the most expensive real estate in the country. Businessweek reported that about 1% of Seoul's population lives in Gangnam

Now we have become familiar with the affluence of the District, we will now explore what 'clubbing' is like:

Firstly, it is always key to note that experiences for women are very much different to that of men, therefore I will be giving a female's perspective, in which may not cater for every reader.

After understanding about the background of the neighbourhood, you may be thinking, 'Okay I understand, it is an expensive place to party'. However, for some reason, we partied for FREE. No, we did not do anything out of the ordinary, we just got lucky.

If you want to get inside for Free, this is what you will need to research:

1. Firstly, type into Google, something along the lines of 'The top clubs in Gangnam'

2. You will instantly get a list of high-end looking clubs, showing state-of-the-art facilities which may be expensive-looking.

3. Do not be put off - Just click any - We clicked through a few, and we ended up deciding to go to 'Club Octagon', regardless as to which place you pick, most of the clubs are within walking distance from each other so if you have no luck with the next steps, you can always try a different place

4. How to get inside for free - There must be planning and research involved, we decided to choose club octagon, a few weeks in advance, you may be thinking 'I will not be there for weeks', in that case, plan ahead before booking the trip, otherwise you may not get around the fees.

5. Research - Most of the clubs have a Facebook page advertising specific sponsored events, your job is to find WHICH club has the events and WHAT night the event is held.

6. What happened with us, was that we arrived in Gangnam, rented a small Airbnb room for the evening between the 4 of us ($10 each), bought some soju (Korean alcohol) from the local convenience store, then turned up at the club OCTAGON

7. What was the event you may be asking? Well interesting, it was a 'Pop Balloon contest' - meaning that the company allowed you to enter for FREE (Before 12am) if you popped a balloon and posted a picture on your Instagram page,

For example, the picture below is what we posted

Overall, we had a great night! Each spending $10 for accommodation (which was 10 minutes walk away from the club), and $5 for pre-gaming - as we split the cost of the 1L bottle Vodka and 2 litre Coke between us.

Just remember, you must research into the clubs, rather than just turning up and hoping for the best.

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