Study Abroad Tips - 3 reasons why you should always pack trainers?

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

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Today's Study Abroad Tip, we will explore the 'need to pack trainers' when you are studying Abroad - P.S It is an essential.

After watching a video clip titled “habits of successful people” by the founder of Mumsnet, Justine Roberts, she promoted an interesting concept of allowing female employees within her offices to wear trainers to work, for efficiency and comfort reasons.

Before, rocking up on Monday morning in your Nike trainers for a 9 am meeting its key to note how you can apply the “wear trainer” rule to other settings.

Personally I packed trainers with me in different 3 alternate settings, whilst on my year abroad.

1. Going out to formal meals - This was the most difficult or the most embossing if caught. The idea was, that the walk to my closest metro was 20 minutes, so if I wore heels this was not practical, however, if I was in a rush usually the bus arrived every 20 minutes, so I could essentially run and make the train on time, have a few minutes to check my hair and makeup in the bathroom before boarding the train. It was great exercise, as well allowed me to know how long, it would take. Yes, my makeup and hair may have got a little ‘weathered’ but at least I made the event on time and worked up an appetite.

2. Going to clubs - this is usual for most girls, however in Asia, it’s usually a given that you put your coat and umbrella in a locker, so why not put your trainers in there too? Save your feet being in pain after finishing a long night, as well, if your heels breaks, you always have a backup. It’s a no brainer!

3. Going out and about - Usually after classes, my friends and I would go and explore, if that be a remote area of Hong Kong, or a market in Seoul. There was always something we wanted to see. Hence, if you want to increase your efficiency, or be more comfortable having trainers in your school bag can really help. I am not suggesting pack, dense, heavyweight shoes, but a light pair of foldable trainers are perfect, but make sure you have space for the shoes you are wearing also. I.e if you’re wearing heavy-duty Dr. Martins, it may be best to take a larger bag to school, or wear a different pair for the day, or if your outfit allows, just wear the small petite trainers.

Treat them as an umbrella, i.e an essential for any handbag!

What are your thought? What other situations could you pack trainers for?

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