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Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Why study abroad in Japan? Studying abroad is much more than having an international education! Learn about reasons why study abroad in Japan is right for you. Here at 'Go studying Abroad' we look at hints and tips for international students who wish to study Abroad in Japan - Today's topic is 'Navigating around Japan - What you need to know and things you must look out for'.

First, it is key to know, that most of these rules and tips are spoke to you on a tannoy when using the metro, however it is important to understand the reasoning:

1. Keep Quiet -The phrase 'Please set your cell phone to silent mode' you will most likely hear on a regular basis whilst on the trains. However, what is also key to understand, is that applies even if you are in a group, heading into town on a night out or wish to take an urgent call. - From personal experience, I remember going on a night out with a group of 20 people, we were all a little tipsy but the looks and comments received by regular commuters was not pleasant. Obviously, there will be a few rare instances where you may get 'told off' but in general it is best to keep your voice to a minimum.

2. Men - Do NOT use the "Women-only" Cars - This can be embarrassing for men, I remember when I used these cars once and seeing a male tourist stood there all uneasy. However, before getting too 'panicky', it is key to understand that such rule only operate at certain hours. Mostly during rush hours, so most of the time you will be ok, as well the cars are usually at the BACK of the trains, so HINT - avoid the rear of the trains in the morning and the evening.

3. Understand where the train doors will open when getting off - It may seem self explanatory, however understanding where the doors will open will make you closer or further away from a given exit or check point. For example, if you will be arriving at Shinjuku station (The station with over 200 exits) if you are wishing to leave the station at the south exit, before boarding the train walk all the way down the platform to allow you to have a more easier exit, or transfer when arriving. Furthermore, certain transfer links are a certain exits, therefore understanding this point is crucial, if you wish not to get lost

4. Keep your distance - This one may be self explanatory, however when choosing a seat when getting onto the train, it is usually polite (if the train is empty) to sit at least one seat apart from other train users. There are 2 reasons for this: First, it is a sign of respect for the other person, and secondary, if you are playing music loudly in your earphones, or have to speak to your friend next to you may be able to get around the silence 'rule' more easily.

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