Study Abroad Tips - Do not use tripadvisor

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Eating and drinking is a huge part of studying abroad! Being able to discover restaurants, bars and the local food is of the key benefits of study abroad. It allows you to immerse yourself into the culture, heritage and cuisine of your chosen study abroad destination.

However, today's topic we will focus on what 'NOT' to do when studying abroad, that being 'Do not use TripAdvisor', and here are the reasons why.

Lets begin, we all know TripAdvisor is great, it allows us to compare restaurants, hotels, experience days and much more!

However, with the TripAdvisor being an American Based company, with the predominant language being English, you therefore run into the problem of the reviews, comments and recommendations being mostly written in English.

Therefore, whilst in Japan for the first few months, I was curious as to what this funny looking app was, I could not understand the characters. However, the chopsticks indicated 'food' and it was not until later that I understood that the app is more or less the 'one stop shop' for the Japanese to compare restaurants, cafes, sushi bars, and any specific cuisine!

I also found out another useful TIP - If the rating of a restaurant is above 3.8/5 on Tablelog then you are onto a winner! Turns out that over '60 million people use the app EACH month' - which not only shows how trustworthy the rating will be, but also how the app is a must!

See the restaurants and the delicious eateries I found with the App on our instagram! You will be pleasantly surprised what classes as a 3.7/5 using 'Tokyo Standards'

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