16 Study abroad Tips

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Study abroad tips begin before you even set off to your country of study. We will go through 16 top tips for study abroad to help students get a better understand on what to do when studying abroad and what to pack before leaving.

Top 16 tips for Study Abroad:

  • Study Abroad Tip Number 1

Plan your flights well in advance. It goes without saying, the earlier you book your flights to your study abroad location, the cheaper the flights tend to be. Sites such as ‘Student Travel’ are great to find the best deals.

  • Study Abroad Tip Number 2

Do not let jet lag put you off when you arrive. For example, flying for London to Tokyo can take over 20 hrs, do not let the first few days affect your mood for the whole year.

  • Study Abroad Tip Number 3

This is key – learn and understand a little about the culture and the country you are studying in before arriving. If that be learning about the cuisine. the tourist attractions or even a few words in the local language.

  • Study Abroad Tip Number 4

To follow on from point 3: make some attempt to learn the language whilst you are studying there. You will not only impress your friends, but it can come in handy in some situations.

  • Study Abroad Tip Number 4

Read through my ‘packing list’ guide and understand what you can buy within your host country, to save space in your luggage.

  • Study Abroad Tip Number 5

Learn about local apps that may be helpful and download them. E.g. ‘Grab Taxi’ is key for south east Asian and Eastern European countries.

  • Study Abroad Tip Number 6

Download maps offline, to allow you some navigation when arriving.

  • Study Abroad Tip Number 7

Always double check you have all your key documents with you. For example, double check you have your passport, visa and other documents such as acceptance letters.

  • Study Abroad Tip Number 8

Be open minded and go along to any ‘cheesy’ event the University host in the first week. You never know, you may meet some really good friends you may hang out with all year.

  • Study Abroad Tip Number 9

Be spontaneous – Do not be afraid of taking a few risks over your year abroad year – it is what the year is for.

  • Study Abroad Tip Number 10

Actually, go to lessons – even if there is no attendance policy. You will first meet new people and secondly you can become familiar with your professors.

  • Study Abroad Tip Number 11

Hang out with other students who are not from your original country – You will not only learn something about their culture, but you will also learn more about yourself and your own culture.

  • Study Abroad Tip Number 12

To feel less homesick – still make friends with students from your home country – you will be able to relate to the same things more easily.

  • Study Abroad Tip Number 13

Keep a travel journal – I Cannot stress this enough – check out my other blog on what to include in a travel journal.

You will only be on your year abroad once – might as well write it all down and remember.

  • Study Abroad Tip Number 14

If you have a long vacation – explore other neighbouring countries – the world is your oyster during your year abroad – might as well, make the most of it.

  • Study Abroad Tip Number 15

Check out what is culturally acceptable to wear before leaving. This is key on arrival as you do not want to arrive in a mini skirt and tank top if the culture is to cover yourself.

  • Study Abroad Tip Number 16

For women: pack a few sanitary supplies – for example items such as tampons are not so accessible in some countries in South east Asia.

I hope this is a constructive and helpful study abroad checklist to help ease the transition from studying within your host country to studying abroad.

If you require more advice and tips for study abroad leave them in the comments or drop me an email and I will get back to you.

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