Study Abroad Tips - Female Restrooms in Japan - the 'beauty' section

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Why study abroad in Japan? Studying abroad is much more than having an international education! Learn about reasons why study abroad in Japan is right for you.

Today we will look at what it is living in Japan on a day to day basis as an exchange student, by exploring the 'beauty section' to allow you to make the most out of your international exchange programme in Japan

Everyone has heard about the famous toilets in Japan; the toilets having a button for everything! If that be for heating the seat, to play music or to spray water in different directions.

Well little do people know about the inside of the female restrooms, with the not-so-famous beauty section!

Personally, looking back I miss these and I wish we had them in the U.K

Admittedly, not all public restrooms have them, however you can find them in department stores, some restaurants, gyms, the airport and even in some key metro stations (Shinjuku for example).

What are the 'beauty sections'?

The rundown; They are more or less a private beauty space, away from the sink and the hand dryers for women to touch up on their makeup, brush their hair or apply creams and lotions.

The thing is, women do this anyway in bathrooms, you may ask why do they need a section for it?

The answer is simple: potentially if a women spends too much time at the sink just to brush their hair or apply extra lippy, you will not only feel embarrassed as many women may be watching, but if you send more than 2/3 minutes you may get some funny looks, especially if people are waiting to quickly wash their hands.

Therefore the idea of the beauty section, allows women to attend to their makeup and hair without the increased pressure to rush or hurry. As well, in some of the beauty sections, they have LED Lighting, so when applying extra makeup you can see more clearly and apply a better coat of whatever product you are using.

Overall I think they are great, what are your thought?

Are they great, or just a waste of space?

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