Top 3 Reasons Why Studying Abroad improves Employability

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Why study abroad? Studying abroad is much more than having an international education! Here at 'Go Studying Abroad' we provide you with the latest hints and advise to allow you to make the most of your international exchange programme. Today's topic, we will focus on how Studying Abroad can improve your employability.

I am sure there are articles upon articles analysing the topic of how studying abroad improves your employability, however I managed to crunch down all the writings three paragraphs, to save you reading various articles and becoming increasingly overwhelmed with information.

1. Improves you EQ - I am sure many of you are aware of IQ, in assessing an individual's ability to reason and problem solve. However, within the realms of employment, a candidate's emotional intelligence (otherwise known as EQ) is also recognised as a prominent quality in which employers are looking for. Interesting, unlike IQ (which is fixed at birth), EQ is a measure which can improve over time with practice and stimulation. For example, learning a language, meeting new friends, moving away from a regular routine are all factors which can boost EQ.

As well, travelling abroad improves your self-awareness, helping increase your understanding of others thoughts and feelings in an international setting which in turn boosting your confidence, intercultural skills and EQ!

Lastly, improving your EQ, not only improve your personal life but can be applied within the realms of work (P.S you can add these skills to the CV ;) )

2. Improves your effectiveness of working in multicultural teams - This may be a given, however, it’s very underrated.

Being able to work in a multicultural team illustrates you are able to adapt to new situations, are open to change and innovation as well as approachable to clients and colleagues. For example, let’s say you're an employer, and you had an applicant who has worked in a variety of settings, bubbly and malleable to new environments, do you not think this is attractive if YOU were hiring someone?

3. Illustrates to employees you’re willing and able to travel for work, as well as increases your job searching radius - I know this may be two separate points however it falls under the same framework of 'mobility'.

Demonstrating you are willing (clearly) and able to work abroad for your employer may put you higher in employment rankings compared to students who may be put off by relocating away or travelling too far away from home or the office.

Ask yourself, if you were an employer would you wish to employ someone who is willing and able to move?

Obviously each employer is different but assuming we have an 'ideal employer' who wants every quality known to man, then having that edge may put you ahead of somebody else, who is equally as skills as you.

I hope this helps and if you’ve got any thoughts, feel free to add them into the comments, and if you wish to share this with somebody who may need that 'extra edge' to travel abroad then this may do it for them!

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