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Studying abroad in Japan would not be complete without visiting the famous 'Robot Restaurant'! Which has been claimed as being the city's “most entertaining show".

First, you may be thinking; Where is the Robot Restaurant?

If studying abroad in Japan (more specifically Tokyo) then it will be seen as conveniently situated at 1-7-1 Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo.

After establishing where the Robot restaurant is, it is also important to know that the shows typically run from 6-11pm. However, there are usually 4 shorter daytime show at 4pm, 5:55pm, 7:50pm and 9:45pm.

The cost of entry to the Robot restaurant in Tokyo

Tickets begin at ¥8,000 however, once inside there are various other items that can be purchased, such as food, drinks as well as merchandise ect... However, if you are studying abroad in Japan and are tight for cash there are ways to purchase discounted tickets with the use of apps such as 'Klook' and others.

What is it like inside Tokyo's Robot Restaurant?


When entering the Robot restaurant you first encounter the dazzling lounge - with its red, seashell-shaped sofa chairs, sparkling ceiling lights, illuminous mirrors and gold pretty much everywhere. The first image is a brief snapshot as to what you may see on entering.

However, regardless of the image provided, i understand that no image can capture the experience and how the atmosphere makes you feel, that is why i understand that visiting the Robot Restaurant is a must if you are planning to study abroad in Japan! For example, whilst you are in the waiting area, 'to get the party started' prior to the main event you are able to relax, enjoy drinks and snacks, whilst being accompanied by a trio of robot-costumed musicians, who play some of Tokyo’s best covers of popular Western ballads.


After being serenaded by the robotic musicians you will then be guided into the main performance theater. Whilst on route, you'll most likely be able to hear the sounds of loud drums and background music, to all prep you for the next part: The main event!

The Main Event

This is when the show gets on the road! First you'll be greeted by glaring ladies who will perform electronic music, accompanied by a giant dragon, a kabuki actor mimed and a guitar-playing cyclops! But, it is not just a musical event, there is also lots of dancing, movement - i thought the cacophony was mind-blowing, everyone was so in-tune and the movements were face and exciting.

After the first performance the rest of the night featured things many of us have only seen in our wildest dreams: you can see the battle between good and evil, women riding giant spiders and snakes, laser beams, fireworks, ninja pandas, mermaids riding sharks, creatures eating robots, glow-in-the-dark men dancing to Michael Jackson tunes, fire shooting, eruptions, more fireworks, loudness, madness—and then silence, before the audience begins their applause. It really is a show that can not be missed when studying abroad in Japan.

The End

Then finally, after you think there is no more, the show ends with a wild parade featuring all performers dancing to songs from Dreamgirls in complete chaos. Then finally, the show concludes with lots of handshaking, bowing from staff and lots of will be left wanting more, it is a crazy few hours and definitely worth your while.

However, before making you wanting to study abroad in Japan purely for the purposes of visiting the Robot restaurant, it is best to get one thing straight, it is not exactly a restaurant. You do not visit for the food - as the food is essentially items that you may find when visiting your local cinema. For example, you would expect - popcorn, chips, fried chicken and tacos. Therefore, bare this in mind before deciding if you are planning to eat a full course meal there, as you will be highly unprepared.

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