Quarantine in Hong Kong – What do you eat?

Studying Abroad in Asia, or more specifically; studying abroad in Hong Kong will no longer be the same after COVID-19 (which is not a surprise). Not only have a majority of classes ‘gone digital’ but also the process of settling into your new study abroad destination has drastically changed simultaneously.

On arrival when studying abroad in Hong Kong– what has changed?

The main difference between arriving in Asia (Hong Kong) now is that there is a compulsory two-week quarantine, whereby international study abroad students must now stay in their designated hotel/private residence or university accommodation. I decided to quarantine in private accommodation for the two weeks, which has various advantages and disadvantages. However, in this studying abroad in Hong blog, I will primarily focus on how to get food during quarantine, and what the food is like.

Studying Abroad in Hong Kong – Ordering takeaways

Studying abroad in Hong Kong and completing the 2-week quarantine would be very difficult with the app ‘Foodpanda’ – essentially it is the Hong Kong version of uber eats or Deliveroo. The app is vital if you wish to get takeaways or even buy groceries, as getting people to buy food for you is difficult especially if you have never visited the territory before.

What can you order on foodPanda when studying abroad in Hong Kong?

The app is very useful in breaking down the cuisines into different categories and price ranges. Whilst under quarantine I ordered a range of different food such as sushi, Thai food, pizza, and more. Below is just a sample of the Thai curry I ordered (p.s it was very delicious)

However, the app also allows you to purchase food from the supermarket – so if you are missing the opportunity to buy ice cream, morning coffee, and other items such as shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste – the app provides you with the opportunity to purchase such goods.

How to collect the food when in quarantine (before studying abroad in Hong Kong)?

This I would say is the tricky part, especially if you live alone in a tower block. The method of collecting the food would be difficult if you do not hold a Hong Kong phone number – therefore before arriving at your destination, I would recommend acquiring a Hong Kong sim card. You may be able to pick one up from the airport, alternatively, you may be able to purchase one before arrival.

Once you have your phone, you can then contact the driver directly and request that he leave it outside your door, therefore reducing the contact between you and others – I found that this method worked quite easily. However, the only problem that may arise is that the driver may not speak English – in which thankfully for me, that was never the case.

After Quarantine – What to eat when studying abroad in Hong Kong

Being an international student – you may wish to learn how to cook traditional Cantonese dishes – I know I certainly want to learn. If you are in the same boat, feel free to check out a fellow student cooking blog. Yvonne perfectly provides a simple step by step instructions to allow you to create the perfect Cantonese dish. However, if you also wish to learn how to cook other dishes from around Asia, she has also got you covered. - Click here

Alternatively, if you wish to learn more about eating at restaurants in Hong Kong, feel free to discover my other pages ‘Eating in Hong Kong’ where I post weekly about my different experiences at various restaurants, bars, and cafes.

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