Ordering Takeaway during Quarantine part 2

Studying Abroad in Asia, or more specifically; studying abroad in Hong Kong will no longer be the same after COVID-19 (which is not a surprise). Not only have a majority of classes ‘gone digital’ but also the process of settling into your new study abroad destination has drastically changed simultaneously.

As we explored in our previous post; the way to get through your quarantine is to download and utilise the app foodpanda, as if you're living in private residences not having the app will become challenging as i came to discover during my first few days.

For more information about arriving in Hong Kong and my experience during quarantine, feel free to check out my prior post. However, today we will go into more detail about the variety of food available to order on foodpanda, whilst you're under lock down prior to your studies abroad in Hong Kong.

Studying Abroad in Hong Kong – Ordering takeaways

To reiterate - Foodpanda is perhaps vital if you wish to get takeaways or even buy groceries when under lockdown, therefore installing the application is a must.

Other dishes that you can order on foodPanda when studying abroad in Hong Kong?

A few other of my favorite dishes i thought I may also share, are the dishes listed and presented below. Whilst in quarantine before my studies abroad began in Hong Kong, I kind of wanted to try takeaway sashimi and japanese food. As coming from Europe; if you want good fish; old fishing towns are the place to go; Hence Hong Kong fits that description.

I chose to order from a reputable sushi restaurant named 'Sushi Nakamuraya' as they seemed to have what I was after - Sea urchin and tuna sashimi rice bowl (Pictured Below).

In all honesty, ordering takeaway sushi was probably one of the highlights of the week, lockdown is not all that bad before starting your year abroad in Hong Kong. As the variety of foods to try are abundant, whilst at the same time the time period gives you the opportunity to brush up on your cantonese, or possibly learn a new skill entirely.

After Quarantine – What to cook when studying abroad in Hong Kong

Personally, I understand that living in a foreign country and not being able to learn a few basic cooking techniques will leave you feel a little unfulfilled. Therefore, in the weeks that follow, stay updated with the recipes i will be cooking, ranging from dim sum to moon cake.

Alternatively, if you wish to discover more about eating at different restaurants in Hong Kong when studying abroad in Asia, feel free to discover my other pages ‘Eating in Hong Kong’ where I post weekly about my different experiences at various restaurants, bars, and cafes. However, due to the covid situation, discovering bars in the evening may be available in a month or two.

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