How to find Government-funded UK Scholarships for International Student

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Don't let study abroad costs put you off studying internationally!

Find Scholarships for International Students to Study Abroad in the UK. In this blog we will look at various Study Abroad Scholarships you can take advantage of, as well as point you in the next direction as to where to look next for Study Abroad scholarships!

What Government-funded scholarships are available for Students studying in the UK?

  1. Commonwealth Scholarships for Developing Commonwealth Countries – Scholarships for international students from developing countries in the Commonwealth, for studies at master’s and PhD level. The full list of eligible countries is available here.

  2. Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme at UK Universities – UK scholarships for international students undertaking taught master’s programs in the UK. Programs studied must be demonstrably relevant to the development of technology, economy or society within the student’s country of origin.

  3. Marshall Scholarships – Postgraduate scholarships for US students showing academic merit, leadership potential and ambassadorial potential to study in the UK. Excludes MBAs and certain courses.

How to apply for Government-funded UK Scholarships as an International Student?

University of Birmingham, UK

Tips for applying for International Scholarships for UK Universities

  • To receive a great scholarship, you need to have an equally great scholarship application essay, one site I would recommend using is 'Grammerly' where you can check for spelling errors, grammar and punctuation so you can feel more confident when sending your application.

  • In most cases, a generic application will not work for you. In the same way as you would if you apply for a job, you will need to tailor your letter or application to meet the specific eligibility criteria stated and clearly show how you meet those criteria. Try not to give a sob story, but show how you are determined to overcome any personal difficulties and having the additional money will help you achieve your goals.

  • Lastly, I have one final piece of advice for international students applying for international scholarships it would be Just go for it, anything is possible!"

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