How Much Does it Cost to Study Abroad in Korea

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Are you wondering How Much Does it Cost to Study Abroad in Korea? Well, here at 'Go Studying Abroad' we explore the cost of study abroad in Korea as well as why studying abroad in Korea can provide so much more value to your life, which you may not expect.

How much does it cost to study abroad in Korea?

The 'cost of study abroad in Korea’ is a question that is on most students’ minds before even considering any of the next steps of Studying Abroad.

Firstly, there are the issues surrounding the actual cost to study abroad in Korea,

….and secondly, there is the issue surrounding ‘value-for-money’.

We have created the following list which comprises of the major components which make up the costs of studying abroad in Korea. We have created this list to allow us to answer the contentious question of: ‘How much does it cost to study abroad in Korea?’

1. Tuition fees - Firstly, the primary expense for a majority of students who wish to study abroad in Korea are the tuition fees. Interestingly, the study abroad tuition fees will vary depending on the program and the different institutions. For example, studying abroad at Korea University (as an international student) can cost approximately $4,000-$5,000 USD depending on the students’ level of study and area of study. However, Korea University offers a variety of scholarships for international students, such as the ‘Global KU scholarship’ awarded to international students who obtain excellent academic scores prior to application.

2. Housing – The second major cost of studying abroad in Korea relates to the cost of accommodation within Korea. Firstly, depending on the city will depend upon the renting price, for example, student accommodation within Seoul can be as little as $320/month. However, other within Korean cities, such as in Busan, University accommodation can start from $200/month. Therefore, when asking ‘How much does it cost to study abroad in Korea?’ – make sure you tailor your final figure to the city in which you will be living. Lastly, in some instances, selected study abroad programs will include this price of housing within the cost of the overall fee, if not then renting privately can be a reasonable alternative.

3. Transportation An additional cost of studying abroad in Korea relates to the cost of transportation. Which includes the cost of commuting, the cost of internal travel and the final cost of air travel to Korea. It is key to note, that the cost of commuting, (if you are renting off campus) can be subsidised by a commuter pass. For example, the ‘Seoul Commuter pass’ offers transport at a reduced rate for commuters going to a specific station (University Station) daily.

4. Insurance –An additional cost of studying abroad in Korea is the cost of insurance. However, it is key to note that nearly all students taking a year abroad as part of their degree will be covered by their host Universities travel insurance policy, therefore meaning that you, as an international student, will usually not have to fund such costs. However, additional insurances, such as health insurance is mandatory within Korea, which must be factored in when calculating the cost of studying abroad in Korea.

5. Entertainment & Food The cost of studying abroad in Korea will not be accurate without including the cost of food and entertainment. For example, parties, daytime excursions around the city/the country are not free, therefore if you wish to travel around Korea you must consider this cost when you ask yourself ‘How much does it cost to study abroad in Korea’.

If you want to more information about parties in Korea, check out my other blog titled 'What are Clubs like in Gangnam when studying Abroad in Korea?'

Nevertheless, before getting too alarmed, most universities in Korea offer a variety of free events directed towards international students, to allow students to embrace the culture without bearing all the costs. For example, whilst I was in Korea, Korea University offered day trips around Seoul on occasion, to allow my friends and I experience the city, without baring too much of the cost.

I hope this information has answered your question of 'How much does it cost to Study Abroad in Korea'. If you wish for more information drop us an email and we will soon be back to you!

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