The Top 5 Reasons to Study Abroad

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Why Study Abroad?

Studying abroad may be the most beneficial experiences for students.

We will go through the five main benefits of studying abroad by exploring why study abroad programs and studying internationally can be right for you.

1. Friendships - The opportunity of studying abroad allows you to meet new people from Asia, Europe as well as the Americas and allows you to develop friendships which will last for a lifetime - Admittedly I have met my three best friends abroad!

2. You may be allowed to study other subjects - Whilst in Tokyo I chose to enrol into subjects which fell outside my field of study in order to broaden my horizons - I never thought I would do blogging for a start!

3. Boosts your confidence - Confidence is built in numerous ways, in which I will dedicate a complete post to. However, for the purposes of this post I understand the reason why studying abroad makes you more confident, is purely down to the fact you must live independently. The more independent you become the more your confidence grows. For example, whilst living in Tokyo by the end of the first few months I was confident in navigating around the most hectic stations in the world at rush hour with no problem. I thought to myself, if I can handle a rail network as large as Tokyo, then any other country should be a breeze.

4. Give you something else to add on your resume - This may not be the core reason to go studying abroad, nevertheless on various occasions being interviewed for summer internships, i frequently got the question 'Why Tokyo', 'What is Japan like?' - The interverier is almost sidetracked and because you will be able to speak with enthusiasm (With your eyes lighting up) your will appear even more desirable and well rounded.

Don't just take my word for it, a report by the British council found that - '83 % of students believed that study abroad had strengthened their job prospects'

5. Experience a new culture - 'experiencing culture' is not something you can do as a tourist. Yes, of course, as a tourist you can 'try new foods, visit festivals, sightsee' ect.... However, experiencing such rituals as a 'student' or as a 'almost'-local the experience is completely different. For example, in Hong Kong, living a 9-5 University life allows you to feel, experience and live almost as a native in which should not be taken for granted, as such experiences will be hard to come by once you immerse yourself in working life.

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